Groups round 3

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Division FirstName LastName Total Hole # FPO Sigrid Sandum 141 17 FPO Natalie Holloköi 144 17 FPO Aida Rey Braga 145 17 FPO Hanna Hugosson 145 17 FPO Nicoletta Godbout 146 18 FPO Sofía Recuero Guerra 162 18 FPO Waltraud Brunner 177 18 MA1 Anti Orgla 115 7 MA1 Tarmo…

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Day one is history


A great day, beautiful weather, sun and good rounds before lunch. After the break wind and tougher conditions. These are the results for the first two rounds. Dinner will be held at the Vetusta restaurant at 21:00. Thanks for a great day!  

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First round groups

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NEW GROUPS! This are the groups for the first round. We’re not mixing divisions, a few groups are threesomes and the rest are foursomes. Remember to pick up the score cards at tournament central (the orange house beyond the OB zone on hole 5) before the start of the round.

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