Seven new wildcards assigned today

We have allocated another seven wildcards. We are happy to announce that we now have a FPO field consisting of 12 players from five different countries.

The new wildcard holders must confirm their interest by mail, and have until Friday 30th of December 20:00 to transfer the registration fee to our account in order to secure their spots.

Wildcards 7 – 13:

FPO Eli Storengen Norway 42581 Lillehammer Frisbee Lillehammer
FPO Sofía Recuero Guerra Spain DGC Oviedo Oviedo
FPO Maija Laitinen Finland 84600 Rolffarit Rovaniemi
MPO Martin Rotmeister Estonia 51689 Hole in One Pärnu
MPO Ingar Ballo Norway 27273 Trondheim Frisbee Trondheim
MA1 Andres Aamisepp Estonia 80799 Nõmme Discgolfiklubi Drive In Tallinn
MA1 Taavi Kallas Estonia 70592 Nõmme Discgolfiklubi Drive In Tallinn

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